Sense of Place - Oriental Bliss

Enjoy a refreshing body scrub using azuki beans – a popular ingredient in traditional skin care used by Japanese women for over 1,200 years. Inspired by the surrounding pine forest, the willowy but firm strength of pine trees is reflected in the relaxing body massage that uses both palms and forearms to produce long flowing strokes.

  • Azuki Cleanser
  • Pine Delight Massage
  • Japanese Face Massage

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Thai Essence

A medium to strong massage adapted from traditional Thai massage techniques which improves overall flexibility from top to toe. Palms and thumbs are applied to pressure points to relieve tired muscles and to boost energy. No oil is used and a two-piece outfit is worn.

All prices are subject to prevailing 10% service charge and 5% government tax.


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A Blissful Relaxation Gift Set

A Blissful Relaxation Gift Set

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